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Nordic Desk Lamp

Nordic Desk Lamp

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Our Nordic Desk Lamp is a stylish desk lamp that delivers bright, energy-efficient lighting. The compact design fits anywhere in your home or office and the built-in mobile phone charger allows you to charge your phone wirelessly wherever it is placed on your desk. Stand out from the crowd with this Nordic desk lamp. Designed to fit your home decor or have it as a conversation piece, the light source has been engineered to provide both illumination and convenience. Charges any USB-charged device wirelessly, including smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.

  • The Nordic Desk Lamp is a sleek, modern desk lamp.
  • Allowing you to charge any compatible mobile device wirelessly.
  • Gives your furniture a finished look while providing a luxurious feel during use.

Light source type: led light
Voltage: 12 (V)
Dimensions: 324*120*410 (mm)

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