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Levitating Bonsai Pot

Levitating Bonsai Pot

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When Nature Meets Magic

Bored of your own space and need some touch of nature?

Go and add this to your cart -- a touch of nature in your space.

this, aside from being a solution to your problems with bugs and plant allergies, can add beauty to your space. It resembles a real-life plant while showing off its levitating features!

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Product Description:

  • Artificial - For people dealing with real-life plants and allergies, this, an artificial plant, is the way to go! Artificial is not always bad as it gives a touch of nature without dealing with itch and rash from real-life plant allergies
  • Distinct Design - A simple plant in a pot is too basic. this comes with a levitating feature, making it very distinctive compared to your other plant decors.
  • Space-Friendly - With less than 2 kilos in weight and less than a foot of space occupancy, this will surely have a space in your place! It may be placed on top of your desk, side table, coffee table, or even on the floor of your accent corner.
  • Perfect Gift - this is the perfect gift for adults! It can be a gift for a house blessing, birthdays, and Christmas-- whatever the occasion is, this will always fit in a space.
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